MC Shabba D’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. He has been contributing to the music business for more than 20 years. 

There have been stories circulating about Mc Shabba D’s death on social media.

However, none of the prominent news handles have been proven yet.

What Is MC Shabba D Net Worth?

According to his contribution and published musical albums, MC Shabba D Net Worth is estimated at around $5 million.

MC Shabba D had been one of the best jungle / drum’n’bass MCs for almost 15 years.

The influence came directly from British reggae sound systems like Jamaica and Saxon.

They copied Jamaican DJs and shortened their lyrics and rhymes as a kid.

Shabba was 13 years old in 1990 when the underground dance revolution began to create clubs, labels, and pirate radio stations never like before.

His mother knew the owner of the pirate radio station Weekend Rush (93.2 FM).

Shabba is now on par with some of the most famous names in the scene, such as Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Rap, and Ray Keith.

Who Is MC Shabba D Wife-Is He Married?

MC Shabba D’s wife’s details are challenging to find in the public domain. However, according to his Instagram, he appeared to be dating someone.

We intend to post further news on his death and the family and confirm with the authorities.

In 1992, he started his residency at Club Telepathy every Friday night and worked with DJs such as Andy C, Funky Flirt, Devious D, Bookie, Kenny Ken, and Grooverider for four years.

He also served as a resident at the Covent Garden Morning After every Sunday from 7 am to 12 pm.

Kool FM also ran its DJ and MC agency, the Jungle Fever Agency, which took over the artist’s representative from MC Shabba D.

Around 1997, Shabba was widespread and the name of the prominent MCs around the world.

But by 2001, Shabba worked with Telepathy on Club EQ to promote his event, with more than 2,500 people filling the East London venue.

He set up his own promotion company called The Matrix and held another sold-out event at the Ministry of Sound on Christmas 2001.

Does MC Shabba D Have A Wikipedia & Bio?

MC Shabba D Wikipedia page is available in the public domain. However, it doesn’t have complete information.

MC Shabba was the United Kingdom-based rapper who represented the English community through his creation.

In 2001 Shabba D merged with Skibadee, aka SAS, to establish the now legendary MC Convention and High Blessed Records.

This was an essential time in the history of drum’n’bass.

Shabba has toured the world, holding events in the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, etc., establishing itself as a top candidate in the world scene.

In 1993 and 1994, he returned to the weekend rush and in 1994 teamed up with jungle producer Paul Ibiza to release his first single, “Don’t Get Me Mad,” with Junior Dangerous.

In 1996, Cool FM (94.5) approached him, who was number one in jungle and drum’n’bass.

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