Who Is Roan Joseph Bronstein? 10 Facts On Sharon Stone’s Son

Roan Joseph Bronstein is an actor who happens to be the son of a famous  American journalist, Phil Bronstein, and Sharon Stone. The actor is often called by his nickname, Roan B. Stone and he also acted in the movie what about love, Entertainment Tonight, and much more. Besides acting, Roan has also attempted to step in journalism and editing.

Quick Facts: Who Is Roan Joseph Bronstein? 10 Facts On Sharon Stone”s Son

Name Roan Joseph Bronstein
Birthday May 22,2000
Age 20 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession actor
Parents Sharon Stone, Phil Bronstein
Married/Single Single


The actor  Bronstein happens to be the grandson of Joseph Stone and Dorothy Stone. At a very young age, Roan found his career path and succeeded in it. The celebrity’s son has also starred in Television shows, Entertainment tonight and he was also featured by top publications. The young movie star has been balancing both movie and his college perfectly. To date, The star Roan is still unavailable on Instagram.

10 Facts on Roan Joseph Bronstein

  1. Roan Joseph Bronstein is a young actor born on May 22, 2000, and attempted to break into the movie world at such an age.
  2. The young actor Roan’s parents do belong to the acting industry which did help him in pursuing an acting career.
  3. As of September 2020, Roan Joseph Bronstein is at the age of 20 and he has impressed his viewers with his phenomenal acting skills.
  4. The star’s son is currently residing in Texas State and he is getting to work with huge brands and companies.
  5. Roan is the son of famous American journalist Phil Bronstein, born on October 4, 1950.
  6. The actor’s mother is also a renowned American actress who is Sharon Vonne Stone, born on March 10, 1958.
  7. Roan did follow the footsteps stepped by his parents and got success at a very young age.
  8. The sun sign/zodiac sign of the young actor is Gemini. On May 22, the actor roan celebrates his birthday.
  9.  Bronstein’s mother stepped into the acting industry in the movie Police Academy 4 which was released in the year 1987.
  10.  Talking about siblings, Roan Joseph Bronstein has two siblings. They are Quinn Kelly Stone and Liard Vonne Stone.


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