Who is Saiviantha? Samantha Salvador And Bryce Hall Affair Rumors Explored

Saiviantha and Bryce Hall: Let us get to know what Samantha ‘Saiviantha’ Salvador has to say about cheating allegations made on Bryce Hall.

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are one of the most famous TikTok couples. But Recently a new name “Saiviantha” has come between them making rumours about Bryce cheating Addison. For weeks the couple’s status has been the subject of intense speculation over social media.

Let us get to know Samantha’s side of the story below;

Who is Saiviantha? Know her age

Samantha ‘Saiviantha’ Salvador is an Instagram influence and model.

Her age is not available, However, judging by her photos she is in her early 20’s.

The cheating rumour spread like wildfire when, After meeting with Hall in Las Vegas and subsequently promoting his vlog, Later fans began to throw out accusations that she had become close with Bryce. This led Addison Rae to cry in public, creating more paparazzi.

She has more than 10,00 followers.

Saiviantha Aka Samantha Salvador Instagram

Her Instagram is under the username “saiviantha”.She has more than 10,00 followers.

She is young and beautiful, has a caption over Instagram saying, “let everything you do be done in love.”

She also has a YouTube channel named Samantha Salvador, where she mostly uploads make-up and fashion videos.

Bryce Hall Affair Explained

Samantha through Instagram has denied all such accusations, that were made on Bryce Hall about cheating on Addison. On Monday, the YouTuber also tweeted that the rumours aren’t true.

According to the Instagram star, Her meet up with Bryce was only a business and network type thing.

She explained that she was with them until about 2 am and nothing that she “constituted as disloyal” went on. “He was on FaceTime with Addison multiple times and, yeah, even serenaded her with a piano,” she said.

She never got that close to Bryce and clarified that she was never trying to get into his personal life. However, we don’t know who the Instagram star is currently dating.



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