Who is Singer and Songwriter Ritt Momney aka Jack Rutter?

Ritt Momney aka Jack Rutter is a famous singer and songwriter. He is commonly known as his stage name Jack Rutter. This 20 years old Jack Rutter is also known as he has an alter ego. The pop singer has shown his presence in all music streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Deezer. You will mostly find Jack Rutter sharing lifestyle pics and his songs on his Instagram handle.

To get in touch with his fans, Ritt has been doing live stream in his Instagram handle. Rutter is also Britain’s finest traditional singers and he released the Gold Of Scar and Shale album on October 4, 2019. The singer can bring any death crowd back to normal as his voice seems to be very soothing. Momney’s net worth is not available on the internet but he seems to make huge figures from merch, concert, and album sales.

Quick Facts: Who is Singer and Songwriter Ritt Momney aka Jack Rutter?

Name Ritt Momney
Birthday 2000
Age 20 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer/Song Writer
Instagram rittmoney_
Youtube Ritt Momney

10 Facts on Ritt Momney aka Jack Rutter

  1. Jack Rutter is a folk singer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a native of Salt Lake City, America.
  2. On November 30, 2013, Jack Rutter set up his youtube channel with his own name. From the past couple of years, Jack Rutter has been sharing his awesome creations.
  3. Ritt Momney mostly shares songs based on the pop genre and has signed a contract with QuarterZip record label.
  4. In the year 2019, Ritt Momney released over 14 songs and some of them are Pollution, I, Phobe, and Lew’s Lullaby.
  5. At a very young age, Ritt Momney tried to pursue a career in the musical industry.
  6. Ritt’s debut album Her and All of My Friends which was released in the year 2019 and was a huge success.
  7. The musical star is also active on Instagram with the account name rittmomney_ and is verified there. He has not disclosed his parent’s information on any social media.
  8. As of 2020, Ritt Momney has been successful in accumulating 13.9K followers which is absolutely amazing.
  9. Ritt Momney’s indie rock band consisted of his high school friends and they have been achieving huge milestones.
  10. Rutter is based on Salt Lake City and at a young age, he began playing guitar as a musical talent.


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