Who is Sujeesh PS? Here’s what we know about the arrested tattoo artist. 

Sujeesh PS is an Indian tattoo artist.

Reportedly, the Kochi police arrested him for sexual assault charges on 5 March 2022. Since then, he has been the talk of the internet.

Who Is Sujeesh PS Tattoo Artist & Why Is He Arrested? Age And Wikipedia

Sujeesh PS is a tattoo artist who is yet to feature on Wikipedia.

The Kerala police arrested him on 5 February 2022. As for the charges, they were sexual abuse against multiple women. Reportedly, six females had approached the Police Commissioner, C Nagaraju, earlier that day, which encouraged the officers to file two First Information Reports (FIR) against Sujeesh.

On Saturday night, the Kochi city police team arrested him. He was on the run due to the incident’s emergence and was trying to reach an advocate’s office at the time of his capture.

Reportedly, the Palarivottam and Cheranalloor station limits were where the women filed the complaints. Indian Penal Codes (IPC) sections 354 and 376, both related to sexual assault, came into action.

Likewise, the magazine Via Kochi helped the women to file complaints. Several of them accuse Sujeesh of groping, molesting, and sexually assaulting them during the tattooing process at his parlor, Inkfected.

On 2 March at Reddit, an 18-year-old female posted about Sujeesh asking inappropriate questions and sexually assaulting her, making the issue viral on the internet. Like her, several others came out with similar accusations later.

As for his age, it seems to be between 25 to 35 years. His social media pictures are the basis for the speculation. However, the exact details on the subject remain unknown.

On Instagram, Sujeesh has an account, @sujeesh_p_s, under his tattoo studio. According to its bio, he is a licensed tattoo artist, proud Indian, and auto enthusiast.

IG was full of accusations as soon as the user, @femalecollectivein, posted the 18-year-old girl’s comments on Sujeesh.

Sujeesh PS Wife

Sujeesh PS seems to be happily married to his wife.

As for the identity of his spouse, it remains a mystery. Nonetheless, his social media post on 16 February 2021 hints at him being in a marital relationship with one. Whatsmore, he has a daughter, whose age is about 5 to 10 years.

Sujeesh PS Net Worth

Sujeesh PS’s net worth remains a mystery.

However, some reports claim that the salary of a tattoo artist in India is about $2984.89 (Rs. 2,28,122) per year. In addition to that, he seems to have been doing the work since 2016. Hence, he might have accumulated a good amount of sum.

Nonetheless, Sujeesh is yet to disclose his official financial statements publically.

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