Who Is Tally Brattle From The Circle?

Tally Brattle was bullied at school and now she is the star at The Circle. Here’s what you should know about her.

When Tally was at school, she was made fun of for being lanky. She believes that she has a memory of goldfish. Whenever she is angry or upset, she is going to blurt something out. 

Who Is Tally Brattle From The Circle?

Tally Brattle was amongst the nine contestants who joined The Circle on March 16, 2021. According to Wikipedia, she had appeared as herself but single.

Well, Tally was able to last for 10 episodes. According to her, all of her pictures are edited, and the main reason she had joined The Circle was to perceive her normal self. She likes to be accepted for the way she is, rather than her pictures.

Tally Brattle Age Revealed

According to the reports from Telly Mix, Tally Brattle’s age is 23 years in 2021.

However, she has not revealed her birthday yet.

Moving on, Tally’s hometown is Worthing, Sussex, England. Thus, we can confirm her nationality as British.

Tally Height: How Tall Is She?

Tally Brattle, the beautiful young lady, has not revealed her height yet. Well, she is known for her tall height, though.

In fact, she was bullied for being too tall. Hopefully, her presence in The Circle has helped her recover from all the traumas she has been through since her school period.

Everything To Know About Her Job And Bio

Tally Brattle’s current job is described as a receptionist. Currently, she has been working for a doctor’s surgery clinic.

After her appearance in The Circle, she is not called a reality television star. If you haven’t watched the reality show, it’s about various players being isolated, and their only means of communication is a social media platform.

Meet Her On Instagram

With more than 19.3 thousand followers, Tally Brattle is active on Instagram under the username of @tallybrattle.

Furthermore, we can find her on TikTok too. She has accumulated nearly 1.1 thousand followers.


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