Fletcher Greene operates his own gossip site, The Hollywood Fix. The photographer and gossip site owner is one of the world’s biggest contributors of controversial celebrity photos. His site has often been compared to TMZ.

In addition to operating his won site, he also has a channel on YouTube and various social media pages. There was almost no information about Greene until he gave an interview to Logan Paul.  

Who Is Fletcher Greene Aka The Hollywood Fix Guy?

Fletcher operates a gossip website and he is especially known for being the first to reveal fresh celebrity gossip. He started his career in gossip by photographing Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. 

At the time, he lived up the street from the actress, this gave him the opportunity to photograph them. He said in the interview with Paul that he saw Brown park his Lamborghini in the actress’s front door. 

He sold the pics he had taken of Brown and the actress for a decent $1,000. This was his start in the business, he also thought that he received easy money as all he had to do was drive down the street and photograph Chris banging on her door demanding her to let him in.  

He also added that he lives in West Hollywood where it is common to see celebrities. 

Fletcher Greene’s Age In 2020

There is no information about Greene’s age and birthday ass of July 2020, however, some estimates put him in the 40-50 year age range. 

He Uploaded Chase Hudson’s Ex-Girlfriend Charli D’Amelio Drama

Greene caught up with TikTok stars Charli & Dixie D’Amelio. They talked about the recent drama and cheating scandal that took place between Charli and her former b0oyfriend Chase Hudson. 

The Hollywood Fix’s Approach To Celebrity Gossip

Unlike other celebrity gossip sites, The Hollywood Fix has a unique approach to capturing the rich life. According to Fletcher, he doesn’t get too invasive and tries to give celebrities their space. 

Similarly, the paparazzo also said that he always acts politely while treating them with all the respect. He doesn’t want to invade celebrities’ homes as per his own words telling the interviewer that no one will be in a good mood if you follow them from their house. 

While other outlets might try to make their photo feature/story more exciting with editing and graphics, The Hollywood Fix is more focused on getting the information out as soon as possible. 

Greene said that he doesn’t do a lot of editing and posts raw facts and photos out most of the time. He has also said that he has more freedom to do so as he essentially runs the whole website. Fletcher believes he and his website are different from other well-known sites like TMZ. 

TMZ Is The Hollywood Fix’s Main Competition And Tried TO Hire Him

TMZ and The Hollywood Fix are often compared to one another, in fact, most people consider the tabloids rivals. They publish similar content and are primarily a gossip website. 

Greene said that due to his adept content creation TMZ tried to hire him for his talents, however, he denied telling them that he enjoys his own job. 

He said in the interview with the YouTuber’s podcast that he wants to operate on his own rules rather than comply with the rules set by TMZ.

 “Like, I couldn’t ask you about what I want to ask you about, I’d have to ask you about, like, Putin and Russia.”

In the same interview, he was quick to note that he wants to be his own boss rather than live under someone else’s roof. 

He has been approached by the gossip website multiple times but he has denied them every time. 

Fletcher reiterated that having full creative control over the content that he publishes was a major reason why he did not join TMZ. As of July 2020, The Hollywood Fix has more than 1.25 million subscribers. on hey YouTube channel. 

They also shared a recent video of Kanye West on which he spoke frankly about his plans for the Presidency. 


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