Who is Tom Triola From Temptation Island?

Temptation Island contestant Tom Triola achieved much success at a young age. Fans are curious as to what Tom does for a living.

Tom Triola is an American Reality TV personality who appears on Temptation Island Season 3. Triola has already managed to create quite an impression on the show when he revealed that he could cook some amazing Italian food.

The other cast members of the shoe are Chelsea Orcutt, Thomas Gipson, Kristen Ramos, Julian Allen, Lauryn Stewart, Rocky Buttery, and many more. The show began premiering on February 16, 2021, on USA Network.

Temptation Island: Tom Triola Age

Tom Triola’s age is 27 years in 2021.

Tom’s hometown is in Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA. Triola comes from a big Italian family, where he learned how to cook. 

Tom Triola’s height might be around 6 feet tall. Triola is on the show to meet the woman he desires so that he can settle down and start his own family.

Is Tom Triola On Wikipedia?

Tom Triola is not on Wikipedia.

According to USA TV Network, Triola is an amazing cook who is also a confident and successful man. In the show, it was revealed that Tom has a baby mama and a baby. Triola was possibly hiding her from the media. Tom is yet to share details about his baby and the baby mama to the internet.

Talking about his job, Tom Triola is a Masonry Co. Owner. Tom lacks humility and he revealed that he was never ready for commitment and has never got rejected by a woman.

Tom Triola Instagram Bio Revealed

Tom Triola’s Instagram bio says New Jersey and Temptation Island 3.

Tom is active on Instagram under the username tommy_triola. Tom Triola has 2.3k active followers and 27 posts on his Instagram account as of March 2021. 

Most of Tom’s posts on Instagram are photographs that show his physique and multiple tattoos on his body.


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