Who is Twitch Streamer Mafia Jinx?

Who is Twitch Streamer Mafia Jinx? If you are a regular Twitch follower, this name surely popped up on your screen. Mafia Jinx, also known as “Holly” is a Twitch streamer who is gaining a lot of popularity these days. With the games like “Among Us” are disturbing sleep pf every individual, She is also among them who streams this legendary game. 

Moreover, she started her career playing the League of Legends and other interactive games and streaming them on Twitch. She has achieved quite a lot on the platform as of now. Her exquisite gameplay along with the creator’s comic interactions have won the hearts of many. Apart from Twitch, she is also on Instagram and Youtube. The Streamer also makes TikTok videos as she always keeps up with the trends. If you want to know more about her, tune in. Here are the top 10 facts to know about her. 

Quick Facts: Who is Twitch Streamer Mafia Jinx?

Name Mafia Jinx
Age 20-25 years old
Gender Female
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Unmarried
Instagram @ttvmafiajinx
Twitter @ttvmafiajinx

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10 Facts on Mafia Jinx

  1. Mafia Jinx is a Twitch streamer and social media influencer who is best known for her “Among Us” gameplay. 
  2. She might have recently changed her name to “Holly.” Holly is her nickname as per her. 
  3. Her age, however, is not known yet. Looking at her recent photos, she seems to be quite young. 
  4. The supergirl is famous for her Twitch Streams. She has amassed more than 10k followers on the platform. 
  5. Besides, Holly is also present on Instagram and has gathered around 6000 followers. 
  6. Moreover, she uses her social media account for merch as well. You can visit her accounts to buy products. 
  7. Mafia Jinx is also a cosplayer. She loves makeup.
  8. Still an emerging streamer, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. 
  9. The streamer started getting attention when she streamed the League of Legends. 
  10. However, the facts about her family, boyfriend, or net worth are still to be determined. They will be updated swiftly once available. 


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