Who Is White House Reporter Zeke Miller? Everything To Know About His Wife, Age and Family

Zeke Miller is a journalist and a reporter for the Associated Press in the White House. Perhaps, the press is the sector that President has had most to speak against in his 3 and a half years presidency and Zeke has been facing that bias from the very beginning.

Miller is the current president of the White House Correspondents Association- a journalist association that covers the news that comes out of the White House.

It would be only an understatement to say that the president has really agenda against the free and unbiased press because he has repeatedly said that Fox News- the only network that paints him positively is a true news source. Miller began his career in “Yale Daily News” and it’s been a steady uphill ride for him since then/

Quick Facts: Who Is White House Reporter Zeke Miller? Everything To Know About His Wife, Age and Family

Name Zeke Miller
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Reporter
Education Yale University
Twitter @ZekeJMiller

10 Facts On Zeke Miller

  1. Zeke Miller has an incomplete bio on Wikipedia page. It doesn’t mention his birthdate and his age.
  2. Miller is a reporter who began his job as a White House reporter in the year 2011. He is still active in the field.
  3. We don’t know where he was born. Private life details about him seem to be scarce on the internet.
  4. He went to Yale University and earned a B.A in political science from there.
  5. He was already working as an editor and reported for the Yale Daily News.
  6. After leaving college, he got an internship at The Hartford Courant and eventually became a political reporter.
  7. We don’t know who he is married to. He seems to not take interest in his personal life as he does in national affairs.
  8. Miller must make a decent pay as he works as a reporter in White Hose but w don’t know the actual amount.
  9. We are as clueless about you if we are talking about Zeek Miller’s height.
  10. Miller has 242 thousand followers on his Twitter handle.


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