Who shot Jessica Dimalanta? Everything On Her Parents Ethnicity

The reason for Jessica Dimalanta shooting is disgusting. She became a victim of a hate crime on the past weekend.

Jessica Dimalanta’s uncle explained the full crime story on her niece via their GoFundMe page. The miserable incident took place in San Francisco, California, in March 2021. The news of her shooting has become a subject matter on social media. 

Jessica Dimalanta Shooting: The 19-year-old Shot in the Head

Jessica shooting occurred in San Francisco, California, in March 2021.

She encountered a vicious attack involving gunfire, being a victim of a hate crime. The three men from a dark sedan started shooting her when she was in the stop. 

They hit her in the face, and the bullet went straight through her right eye. As the doctors were able to remove the shell, the fragments still are embedded in her face.

She is now permanently impaired and unable to chew and speak without pain. However, the shooters are yet to be identified.

Jessica Dimalanta Parents And Ethnicity

Jessica parents are in a feeling of deep sorrow after their daughter became a victim of a hate crime.

It was just because Jessica Dimalanta is of Asian ethnicity. 

She supports her single mother to take care of her younger siblings and other family members. Her family is asking for prayers, supports, and justice for Jessica and to stop hate crime.

Moreover, they created a GoFundMe page in order to help in her recovery and medical bills.

Who is Jessica? Age And More

Jessica wanted to become a healthcare provider and was excited about her dream. She was going to start school this week but will not be able to attend because of her medical condition.

Jessica Dimalanta just turned the age of 19 this month. She is the sweetest, kind, caring person with an angelic voice. She loves to sing in her spare time and spend moments with her family. Her hometown is in San Francisco, California.

Dimalanta does not seem to be active on Instagram and Facebook. She does not have a boyfriend and perhaps focusing on her future career.


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