Who Was Marjorie Finlay? Taylor Swift’s Grandmother And Facts To Know About

Majorie Finlay is famously known for being the grandmother of popular American singer Taylor Swift. She is also the mother of Taylor’s loving mother, Andrea Swift. She was a fantastic opera singer of her time. Majorie passed away at the age of 74 June on 1 June 2003 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Quick Facts: Who Was Marjorie Finlay? Taylor Swift”s Grandmother And Facts To Know About

Name Marjorie Finlay
Birthday 5 October 1928
Age 74 ( At the time of her death in June 2003)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Opera Singer
Married/Single Married
Husband Robert Bruce Finlay
Children Andrea Swift

It was Taylor Swift’s grandmother, Majorie that gave Taylor the inspiration to take up music as her career. Thus, she went to follow in her beloved grandmother’s footsteps. Here are 10 Facts about Taylor Swift’s grandmother, Majorie Finlay.

10 Facts on Majorie Finlay

  1. Majorie Finlay was born on this planet on 5 October 1928. Her birthplace took in Memphis Tennesse.
  2. She is the wife of Robert Bruce Finlay. Together, they became the parent of their beautiful daughter, Andrea Swift.
  3. Finlay is also the grandmother of Andrea Swift’s son; Austin Swift; the younger brother of Taylor Swift.
  4. Taylor Swift’s grandmother, Majorie Finlay enjoyed a great and satisfying life before eventually dying in the summer of 2003.
  5. Taylor was very fond of her grandmother who introduces her to the world of music.
  6. Majorie Finlay was also seen on Taylor Swift’s very first Instagram post on 26 October 2011 where she wrote the given caption; “Found this picture of my grandmother. So lovely”.
  7. As per several internet sources, Taylor Swift’s looks are quite similar to her grandmother, Majorie Finlay.
  8. Taylor Swift also went to release the song titled; Majorie which was featured on her 9th musical album, Evermore. This song was made in honor and to pay tribute to her late grandmother.
  9. In the lyric video of Majorie, it shows several footages of Majorie Finlay in pictures and home movies.
  10. Majorie Finlay’s grandmother, Taylor Swift is a global music icon and has earned both fame and fortune from her successful musical career. Taylor’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $365 million.


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