Why Did DigDat Go Jail? Rapper DigDat Real Name and Age Facts

If you are not living in the stone age, you would certainly know about DigDat and his jail connection. DigDat is a famous British rapper whose real name is Darren Diggs. The Deptford, London-born rapper and singer is a world-renowned rapper popular for his single Air Force. In most of his songs, the British rapper often discusses his time in jail.

If you are wondering if the rapper recently went to jail, then the answer is no. The rapper is spending his time pretty well at this hometown in London this quarantine. With several of his lyrics circling about his jail time, fans have been wondering about his jail life often.

But, the artist manager Bouncer recently confirmed that the rapper has spent years in prison during an MLC podcast. Afterward, the talks regarding his jail life and the reason behind it has taken the internet by surprise. So, why did DigDat a.k.a. Darren Diggs went to jail? Let’s find out.

Quick Facts: Why Did DigDat Go Jail? Rapper DigDat Real Name and Age Facts

Name Darren Diggs
Birthday November 10
Age 20 years old
Gender Male
Nationality British
Ethnicity Black
Profession Rapper
Married/Single Single
Instagram digdat
Twitter @DigDat8

Why Did DigDat Go Jail?

The British rapper DigDat has often mentioned his jail life in songs. But, fans were normal with him singing about his jail time. But, after Bouncer sheds lights on DigDat’s jail time, fans have been really curious about the topic, lately.


In his latest MLC podcast, Bouncer sheds light on DigDat’s jail life. In the podcast, Bouncer revealed that the rapper went to jail for a long time when he was just 13 years of age. He continued, at the age of 13, DigDat was sent into imprisonment for five years. He was 18 when he came out of jail.

Since then, fans of the London-based rapper have been very curious about why he went jail for.

Bouncer who is associated as an artist manager with the Play Dirty Team did not up on about the reason whey DigDat went to jail at 13. Moreover, the rapper himself has not revealed why he was imprisoned for five years. Though DigDat’s songs ofter feature lyrics that discuss his jail time, he is yet to disclose the reason behind it.

Guess, we will have to wait for the time being. For now, let’s get to know more about the British rapper. 

What is DigDat’s Real Name?

Rappers have a trend of adopting a stage name. Well, not only rappers we have witnessed numerous performers who are popular for their stage name rather than their real name. The same is the case with this rapper. Literally, many might not event recognize DigDat from his real name. His real name is Darren Diggs.

His birth name is also not Darren Diggs. His birth name is Nathan Tokosi. He was born to British parents of black ethnicity as Nathan. 

Born in Deptford, London, DigDat is of British nationality. His ethnicity is black. He adapted DigDat as his stage name after he began rapping as a professional in 2018. Since then, he is more famous as DigDat rather than Darren Diggs. Moreover, his birth name Nathan Tokosi is rarely written on media publications. Thanks to his official Wikipedia bio, we could know what his birth name is.

How Old is Rapper DigDat? His Age Facts

Rapper DigDat a.k.a. Darren Diggs was born in the year 1999 and celebrates his birthday on the 10th of November. So, he is currently 20 years of age. This November 10, he will turn 21.

The London-born rapper began rapping in the year 2017, at the age of 18. He turned professional in 2018. He released his first single titled Air Force in September 2018. Air Force peaked at No. 93 in the UK Singles Chart list. Since then, here is no looking back for the rapper. 


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