Willie Acosta Net Worth 2020: Age, Birthday, Where is He Now 2020?

The Netflix documentary movie “Mucho Mucho Amor” was released on 8th July 2020 which features the story about the legendary Puerto-Rican astrologer who became hit in television and radio in the late 1960s. Along with the story of Mr.Walter Mercado, we got to see how close he was with his right hand, Willie Acosta.

So are you also wondering about Walter Mercado’s assistant, Willie Acosta Net worth 2020 and where is he now? Here is everything we know about Willie Acosta including his age, birthday, net worth, family, and where he is now in 2020.

Who is Willie Acosta?

Willie Acosta is a Puerto-Rican who used to work as an assistant for Mr. Walter Mercado, a famous astrologer who used to appear on a TV program and also in Radio. He worked for Mercado for more than fifty years and he was like a family to Mr. Mercado.

In the documentary “Mucho Mucho Amor”, Willie Acosta said that he used to assist Walter in everything from picking clothes, caring for his dog, shopping with him, and obviously the professional work. Willie knows everything about Walter including all his secrets. 

After the death of Mercado in 2019, Willie keeps missing his beloved friend as he had spent his whole life together with Mercado. Even in his Facebook profile, Willie frequently posts about Walter and his captions are always about how much he misses Mercado.

Where is Willie Acosta now?

Willie is currently living with his family in his hometown San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Willie Acosta Age, Birthday, Wife and Family

According to the documentary, Willie Acosta was just a few years younger than Mr. Walter Mercado.  So Willie must be in his Eighties.

In one of the Facebook posts of Willie from three years ago, we can see him cutting his birthday cake on 16th March. He was born in the late 1930s approximately.

As Willie Acosta was a common person, it is difficult to know about his wife and family.

Although he has a Facebook account, he posts only a few photos and that too very rarely. Most of his posts are about late Walter Mercado who died on November 7, 2019. According to his old posts on his Facebook account, he is close to his brother, nephews, and his sister.

He also sometimes posts birthday celebration of his friends. But there is no information about his wife or children.

Was Willie and Walter Mercado in a Relationship?

It is not a secret that Walter Mercado used to appear a bit feminine which made his viewers question his sexuality.

Because of Mercado’s ambiguous sexuality, people used to believe that Walter was gay. But as we can see in the documentary, Walter did not care about what anybody thinks about him. Walter always used to say, in his astrology program on TV, that he wants to look beautiful and attractive and he wants to bewitch the people

According to Willie, Walter used to have a pill called “I-don’t-care-pill”. As the homophobic society at that time used to doubt Walter’s sexuality and his closeness to Willie, many people tend to misunderstand the relationship between Walter and Willie.

Furthermore, as there is no information about Willie’s wife or family, even the viewers of the documentary film “Mucho Mucho Amor” also wonder that Willie and Walter were a couple but because of a very homophobic society especially in their time, they were not open about their relationship.

Willie explained in the documentary that he is close to Walter as a family but he had never laid a finger on him. Apparently, he has also started to take the i-don’t-care-pill of Mercado.


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