Wren Clair

Wren Clair is a journalist who is based in America. She is happy that she is able to give back to the community with the help of her work. She is a very good reporter. She enjoys interacting with nature and she has passion and love for weather. She enjoys cold weather a lot as compared to others.

Quick Facts: Wren Clair

Name Wren Clair
Age 25-35
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Married
Instagram @wrenclair
Twitter @WrenClair5

She has gone through many ups and downs in her life but has been able to have a very good career and is now a successful Journalist who is loved by many peoples. She has been showing a lot of dedication and passion towards her work and set an example that with a lot of passion and hard work one can achieve everything in life.

10 Facts about Wren Clair 

  1. Wren Clair is a journalist who is based in America.
  2. She was born in the United States and was raised there Her nationality is American and she belongs to white ethnicity.
  3. Her exact date of birth is not known yet so we are unable to know her age  buts she seems to be around 25-35 years old.
  4. Her height, weight, and body measurements are also a mystery to all her well-wishers. The birth sign of Wren is also a mystery along with her exact birthplace.
  5. Details about her parents, families and friends are also not known. But we can see her sharing some family photos via her Instagram.
  6. She is a married woman. She got married to her fiance in 2018 whose name is not known to anyone till now. The couple seems to be happy and having a beautiful life ahead.
  7. She kicked off her career by joining WJFW NBC 12 in August 2014 as a station’s producers and was training for the weather treatment.
  8. She joined WHDH 7 team in 2016 as a meteorologist.
  9. Her net worth is expected to be around $ 1 million.
  10. She does not have her description on Wikipedia but has some information on other online portals.


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