Social media has been a major platform for this generation to share one’s ideas and lifestyles to the public. Among various social media platforms available, Instagram is probably the most popular one among the teens.

Instagram Stars who have millions of followers share pictures and videos to the world. The likes and shares that they get on their videos and pictures, in turn, help them earn a certain sum of money. The popularism of the site has expanded so much so that people are treating the platform as a full-time business.

Quick Facts:

Quick Facts: Yassi Coo

First Name Yassi
Last Name Coo
Birthday December 22, 1994
Nationality Philippines
Body Measurements
Profession Instagram Star
Parents ( Father Mother)
Wife or Husband
Son and Daughter
Net Worth


Yassi Coo Net Worth

Yassi Coo is an instagram celebrity whose net worth range from $100 thousand – $1 million dollars.

Most of the Instagram stars and influencers earn huge pay cheques from various paid posts as well as partner marketing campaigns. This has helped them to obtain an impressive amount of net worth.

The companies whose advertisement they feature on their post pay the stars an impressive sum of money regularly. Most of the models on the site feature makeup tools and products on their posts.

Additionally, Instagram stars who are also athletes mostly feature the sporting kits on their posts.
This is a great marketing strategy for these companies. The publicity from a popular personality helps their business grow around the globe.

The featured companies have to provide the influencers with the money that they have previously decided on. The sponsored posts are often shared by the influencers with the #sponsored keyword.

Yassi Coo is one of those Instagram stars who makes ludicrous sum form her pictures and videos. According to sources, Yassi makes $1,000,000 per post.

Similarly, there are pop singers who has more than 135 million followers on her Instagram makes $800,000 per post.

Often times, most popular Instagram stars have their net worth in millions.

Furthermore, they showcase their cars, mansion, and property through the platform. These photos and videos get thousands and millions of likes.

Most of the stars share the pictures of their luxury vacation through their account.
Additionally, various stars have their own merch. They often partner with the clothes companies to prepare dedicated merch (shirts, shoes, caps, etc.)

Most of the merch is sold online. In most cases, fans from around the globe can get the merchandise that they desire.

Yassi Coo Age and Height

Most of the popular Instagram stars have their age in their twenties. Teenagers are the major users of Instagram and hence it is only fair that most of the stars on the site are teenagers.
Likewise, Yassi Coo is 23 years old years old.

The Instagram stars often share their birthday posts on the site. Fans from around the globe wish them a happy birthday. The birthday posts are one of the main sources to find about a celebrity’s exact birth date.
Yassi Coo has an average height. In general, their height is around the 5 Feet 8 Inches mark.

This is not the case for all of them though.
Some Instagram stars are relatively short. Models like Genesis Vega, Amina Blue, and Remi Lewis are along the shorter side of the spectrum.

Instagram models, as well as some actors, often share revealing pictures via Instagram. The models have attractive body measurements and figure. They get thousands of likes on their photos and videos.
Females share Bikini pictures and pictures of them traveling to exotic places while men often share shirtless pictures.

Yassi Coo Family

Family members of the Instagram stars often feature on their photos and videos. Stars mostly share pictures of their father, mother and their siblings. Additionally, if they are married, they share pictures of their better half.

Instagram has been the place to share the news of engagement and marriage as well. Media outlets find about one’s girlfriend or boyfriend through their Instagram account.
There are multiple examples of the siblings of one Instagram star getting famous due to their frequent feature on their brother/sister’s Instagram.

Yassi Coo Wiki and Bio

Since most of the information about the Instagram stars is not available on the platform, fans often tend to visit their wiki page to find more about them.

Dedicated wiki pages of the popular stars are available. However, not all of them have their own wiki page.

Some other sites provide collected information about their career and their bio.

There are multiple websites providing the complete bio of these Instagram stars.

These websites collect information from the star’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to prepare a complete bio of their life and career.

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