Zoey Proasheck Face, Age, Instagram, Transgender: Yogscast Drama And 10 Facts

Zoey Proasheck who has already revealed her face is a well-known content producer who has her own Twitch channel as well as a YouTube channel. However, she is more popular for making content for The Yoogcast who makes video game-related videos. Talking about her Twitch account, she has around 48.7 thousand followers, and talking about her YouTube channel, she has around 391 thousand subscribers. 

Quick Facts: Zoey Proasheck Face, Age, Instagram, Transgender: Yogscast Drama And 10 Facts

Name Zoey Proasheck
Birthday July 13, 1992
Age 28 years
Gender Other
Nationality British
Profession Gamer, Content Producer, Twitch Streamer, YouTuber
Married/Single In a relationship with Fiona
Twitter @Proasheck
Youtube YOGSCAST Zoey
Facebook @ZoeyProasheck

On Reddit, Zoey Proasheck described herself as transgender and according to her, she has been living this life for a few decades now. As a gamer, she loves to play popular games including Satisfactory, Teardown, and Minecraft. Since 2015, she started being inactive on her own YouTube channel which was mainly because she was focused on working for The Yoogcast

10 Facts on Zoey Proasheck:

  1. Zoey Proasheck’s face has been revealed multiple times now and it is known that she usually streams her games with the camera on. 
  2. Moreover, the way she took herself to announce on Reddit that she is transgender has been taken as a drama by a lot of people, according to HITC.
  3. Talking about her age, she was born on July 13, 1992, and thus, Zoey Proasheck is currently 28 years old.
  4. As she is transgender, she has not got a boyfriend but we have come to know that she has a partner whose name is Fiona.
  5. Since Zoey Proasheck has never made an Instagram account, we won’t be able to find him on this popular social media right now.
  6. From her bio on Yogscast Fandom, we have found out that she has been nicknamed Captain Zoey by her fans. 
  7. According to Zoey Proasheck, she is very proud to be achieving everything as a transgender. 
  8. Since she is originally from the United Kingdom, her nationality is said to be British. 
  9. Although she cannot be found on Instagram, we can follow her on Twitter (109.5 thousand followers) and Facebook (33.2 thousand followers). 
  10. Furthermore, she is best known for the popular series named Blackrock Chronicle


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