Betty White’s children: does the actress have any kids of her own?

Betty White is unarguably among the actresses with the longest careers in the entertainment industry. The iconic actress has somewhat gone against tradition and seems to get more popular as she ages, while others typically begin to fade into obscurity. Betty is renowned for her stellar performances in shows such as The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The story of Betty White’s children is definitely less known than that of the renowned actress. So, does Betty White have any children?

Who are Betty White’s three stepchildren? Here is a look at the story of Betty White’s kids.

Who are Betty White’s children?

So, does Betty White have children? Well, the famous actress does not have biological children. However, she has three stepchildren from one of her three marriages. Here is a look at each of them.

David Ludden

David is the actress’s eldest stepchild. He was born to Margaret and Allen Ludden in 1948 before Allen’s marriage to Betty. David leads a quiet, low-profile life as an Asian History professor at the New York University.

Ludden got his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania has since won multiple awards for his accomplishments in the field of history. After graduating, David landed his first teaching role handling South Asian history, which he held until 2007.

Besides teaching, Ludden has also written several versions of a book known as India and South Asia: A Short History. He is a holder of the renowned Guggenheim Fellowship for Humanities Award.

Martha Ludden

Among the three Betty White’s children’s names, Martha Ludden is probably the most common one. This is due to Martha and Betty’s somewhat controversial relationship after the latter’s marriage to Allen.

Martha was born in 1950 and was quite young when her father married the famous actress. Reports have it that Martha did not take the news of her father’s remarriage very well. Being a teen at the time, Martha is said to have harbored anger towards her stepmother and was quite clearly opposed to the marriage.

Additionally, Martha’s relationship with her own father was also far from rosy. It is said that Allen would constantly argue with his daughter over her anger towards his new wife. The strained father-daughter relationship reportedly caused Allen inexplicable grief.

Martha Ludden got her Law Degree in 1990 and currently works with people with varying disabilities. With time, Betty White’s relationship with her stepkids, and Martha in particular, did improve significantly.

Sarah Ludden

Sarah is the last born of Allen Ludden’s children. She was born in 1952 and was less than ten years old when her mother passed on. Unlike Martha, Sarah and Betty had a great relationship. It is said that Sarah would even try to intervene when Betty and Martha argued.

Sarah Ludden began her career as a dancer and audiologist but later transitioned to a career in the martial arts. She now runs a karate school called Thousand Waves which she co-founded with her business partner, Nancy Lanoue.

Who is Betty White’s husband?

The actress has been married three times. Here is a look at her marriages.


Betty and Barker got married in 1945. The two met while Betty was working with the American Women’s Voluntary Service. The two were engaged for most of World War II but did not last long after the war was over.

Betty’s life was significantly different from that of Barker, a chicken farmer from Ohio. The marriage ended a short while after the end of World War II.

Lane Allen

The actress got married again in 1949, this time to Lane Allen. Her second husband wanted her to let go of her career and focus on raising a family. Betty was opposed to the stay-at-home idea. The marriage ended in 1951.

Allen Ludden

Ludden and Betty met when the latter appeared on the renowned game show Password. Allen is said to have fallen in love with Betty when he saw her. At first, Betty resisted Ludden’s advances since she did not see a future for herself in her then-current city, New York.

Two years after their first meeting, Betty and Ludden finally got married. Unfortunately, Betty’s husband from her third marriage succumbed to a stomach ailment in 1981. Betty describes her 18-year marriage to Ludden as the best time of her life.

Does Betty White have kids of her own?

No, the famous TV personality did not have any kids of her own. When asked about it, Betty said that her naturally compulsive nature would have made it quite difficult to focus on children and a career at the same time. She stated that had she gotten kids, they would have taken all her focus, making her abandon her career.

However, the renowned actress says she got to enjoy being a mother to her three stepchildren from her third marriage. This, she said, did not interfere with her career in the way a pregnancy or infant would have.

Betty White’s children are most certainly not as famous as their actress stepmom. However, they seem to be doing well in the respective paths they chose to follow. On the other hand, the actress has scaled the heights of the entertainment industry and, even at her old age, continues to keep her fans entertained.

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