Captain Emily Rainey Husband, Wikipedia And Family Facts To Know

Captian Emily Rainey is a psychological warfare officer who serves in the US Army. Or more precisely, she served in the US Army as she has been under investigation and the officer resigned from the US Army. 

Based in North Carolina, Emily led 100 people from North Carolina to the US Capitol for protests. Hence, she was put under investigation, and hence, she resigned from the post. 

Quick Facts: Captain Emily Rainey Husband, Wikipedia And Family Facts To Know

Name Emily Rainey
Age 31
Gender Female
Nationality American

An anti-mask openly, Emily Rainey was assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg. Even though she has insisted on leading peace protestors inside the capitol, the police are still investigating her. The riots inside the US Capitol killed 5 people including a USCP officer. 

Here are a few facts to know about her. 

10 Facts on Emily Rainey 

  1. Emily Rainey is a psychological warfare officer who was assigned to the 4th psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 
  2. Moreover, Emily Rainey has not mentioned her husband or family in any of her interviews to date. 
  3. Likewise, she has been in the public limelight for the past week or so. 
  4. The warfare officer has been arrested for leading around 100 people inside the US Capitol during the mayhem. 
  5. As of 2021, she is 31 years old. She has been with the US Army for around 5 years. 
  6. However, Emily Rainey doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography at the moment. If she ever does, it surely will be an infamous one. 
  7. Moving on, Emily has resigned from the US Army following her investigation. 
  8. Four people were killed in the riots inside the US Capitol. The riots were caused by Trump supporters who barged inside the capitol. 
  9. Even though she doesn’t have a social media presence, Emily has been a hot topic on social media like Facebook and Twitter. 
  10. An American by nationality, Emily Rainey is based in North Carolina. 


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