Eddie Obeid Wife Judy Obeid – Former Politician Found Guilty Of Corruption

Eddie Obeid wife Judy Obeid is shocked to know that her husband is found guilty of corruption. Learn everything about the former politician’s family net worth and sons.

Eddie is the former Minister for Mineral Resources. Reportedly, he had served in the office from April 8, 1999, to April 2, 2003.

During his tenure, he also served as the Minister for Fisheries. Moreover, he was also a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council from 1991 to 2011.

Who Is Eddie Obeid Wife? Judy Obeid 

Eddie Obeid is married to his wife, Judy Obeid.

Reportedly, the couples had tied the knot in 1965. Actually, Judy’s real name is Judith.

As per the latest news, Judy’s husband and Ian Macdonald are found guilty of corruption charges. Reportedly, they were committed to misconduct over the allocation of coal licenses.

His criminal trial began in February 206 at the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Reportedly, a jury sentenced him to five years of prison.

Currently, we are unsure if his wife was involved in this criminal activity. However, we can confirm that one of his sons, Moses is proven guilty.

Well, Moses was the one who agreed on the terms with Macdonald. In fact, Justice Fullerton didn’t find any traces of Eddie being involved in the case.

However, she was pretty sure that his son wouldn’t know to commit such a crime without his help. Now, the court is preparing a verdict to confirm the three’s detention.

Get To Know Eddie Obeid Family

Eddie Obeid was born to a Lebanese family in Matrite.

However, his Wikipedia claims that he is of Australian nationality. Later, he moved to Australia with his family when he was just 6 years old.

The Lebanese family first resided in Redfern, Sydney. Thus, we can confirm Obeid’s ethnicity as Lebanese-Australian.

Reportedly, he had started his career as an altar boy. During his early days, he used to sell newspapers and collect deposits of soft drink bottles.

Convicted Criminal Eddie Obeid Net Worth

Eddie Obeid has an estimated net worth in the millions.

However, we aren’t exactly sure about his overall assets. In 2013, Eddie was building a sandstone mansion in his hometown in Lebanon.

Previously, he resided with his wife and children in Hunters Hill. Reportedly, they asked for A$10 million to sell their home in 2013.

According to a 2020 report, his home, often known as Passy was sold for A$11 million. Most probably, his wife, Judy is residing in Lebanon today.

Who Are Eddie Sons?

Eddie and Judy Obeid have five sons of a total of nine children.

They are Moses, Paul, Gerard, Eddie, and Damian. Other than that, the couples have four daughters, Edwina, Fiona, Rebecca, and Gemma.

Today, Eddie had a total of 31 grandchildren. Currently, he is imprisoned at the Silverwater Correctional Complex.


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