Where is Jessica Walter Ex-Husband Ross Bowman Now? Is He Alive?

Ross Bowman is the ex-husband of the actress, Jessica Walter. Get to know his age and Wikipedia. 

The Arrested Development actress, Jessica Walter is no more with us. The Primetime Emmy Winner met her demise on March 24, 2021, at the age of 80. The actress died in her sleep and the cause of her death is deemed to be natural. 

Moreover, her acting career spanned for half a century with a lot of critical acclaim movies and TV shows. The actress was married twice in her life. Let’s find out more about her ex-husband, Ross Bowman. 

Ross Bowman Wikipedia: Everything on Jessica Walter’s ex-husband

Ross Bowman doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio of his own. However, he has several mentions on Walter’s Wiki. 

However, Bowman does have an IMDb profile with 4 directing credits. It looks like he was a director and directed few TV Episodes during the 70s. However, there’s nothing much to know about him at the moment. 

Ross Bowman Age: Is he alive?

Unfortunately, Ross is not alive anymore. He died in 2018. 

 Moreover, Ross Bowman died at the age of 91. As per his bio on IMDb, the director died on June 8, 2018. 

However, the cause of his death remains unidentified for the time being. He was originally from Portland, Oregon, and came to prominence due to his marriage with the actress, Jessica Walter. 

The couple tied the knot in 1966 and divorced in 1978 after 12 years of marriage. They do have a daughter, Brooke Bowman. 

Bowman Photos and Family

Walter’s ex-husband’s photos are available but limited on the internet at the moment. 

As for his family, he married thrice in his life. His first marriage was with a famous actress and model named Jeanne Bel. She played in the Star Trek original series. 

Similarly, Jessica was his second marriage and Ross Bowman married Jane Maureen Dowdy after the separation from the actress. 


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