Nadia Fairfax Wedding: Everything about her husband Michael Wayne

Nadia Fairfax’s wedding details are finally out. Learn all about her marriage in this article.

Nadia Fairfax is an actress and journalist who has appeared in just two shows until now. They are Stick It and The Sugar Factory. Apart from that, we can recognize her as a social media influencer too.

She is well-known for her personal journal called Fairfax Journal. Also, she is known to all social media users for her lavish lifestyle and amazing body.

Nadia Fairfax Wedding Details

Nadia Fairfax’s wedding ceremony was conducted on March 25, 2021, at the late Victorian Gothic Revival mansion’s Swifts

During her wedding, Nadia wore a beautiful strapless white gown and a full skirt. The 60s-style bouffant hair with a fitted bodice added to her beauty. 

Moreover, she was accessorized with a plain gold necklace and was also spotted wearing delicate bracelets and rings. On the other hand, we spotted her partner wearing a camel-colored suit with a white shirt and black tie.

Everything About Her Husband Michael Wayne

Finally, Michael Wayne can be considered Nadia Fairfax’s husband. The couples have been together since February 2019, according to Daily Mail.

Nadia was engaged to Michael in March 2020. This means that they tied the know exactly a year later. We have come to know that the couples had exchanged vows in front of their friends and families who had all joined the fabulous wedding.

Meet Nadia Fairfax On Instagram

With around 191 thousand followers, Nadia Fairfax is active on Instagram as @nadiafairfax. Luckily, her account is public, and thus, we can watch all her posts.

Well, Nadia has not updated her profile in the last 4 days. Really, she seems quite busy with her wedding. There’s not a single picture you will find on her profile. However, it won’t be too long for Fairfax to upload her stunning pictures.

As an actress, Nadia’s salary depends on the movie she plays on. However, her job as a journalist has helped her to increase her income. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to know about her net worth.


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