House of Ho HBO Cast: Meet Binh Ho and His Family, Crazy Rich Asians

Many of us are obsessed, or more fascinated, with the lives of famous and rich peoples. Aren’t we? Well, we have been shown the luxurious lifestyle of rich and famous people time and again on TV screens and big screens. This could be why we fascinate the life of rich peoples so much. If you feel the same, HBO’s new release House of Ho could entertain you.

The new HBO show revolves around the luxurious life of a Vietnamese-American multi-millionaire family. The family of HO lives in Houston, the United States. House of Ho will follow the life of Binh Ho, his gorgeous Hue Ho, and their grown-up children. Their kids are Judy Ho and Washington Ho.

Before you get to the conclusion that the show will only give a glimpse of Ho’s luxurious life, you can expect some more drama on the show. They are quite like the Kardashian Family of TV, so you can expect some over-the-top drama from the TV show. How the members of the HO family keep up with their values and traditions while being exposed to the lifestyle of riches, will entertain you a lot.

Let’s met the cast of HBO’s House of Ho.

House of Ho HBO Cast Members: Who are in it?

As mentioned earlier, HOB’s House of Ho features the story of a reel family HO. The reel life Kardashians Family follows the story of three generations of HO’s family. At the top, there is the head of the HO family who is Bihn Ho, then there is his loving wife, Huo Ho. The Ho couple migrated to the United States from Vietnam 40 years ago in search of a better life and all that.

In the pursuit of making better lives for themselves, the Ho couple worked very hard and trust us they totally did it. Now, they are as good as the family from the 2018 comedy-drama film titled Crazy Rich Asians. The Ho family is basically the ideal Vietnamese edition of Crazy Rich Asians.

Let’s met the cast of the House of Ho separately. First, start with the head of the family, Binh Ho.

The Head of the Ho Family: Binh Ho

Binh Ho is a Vietnamese immigrant living in American. He along with this wife Hue Ho moved to the United States around 40 years ago. Binh Ho had to struggle a lot to make a living in American society at first. With all his hard work and dedication, the head of the Ho family garnered a great fortune that he now lives his life as the Crazy Rich Asians.

Now 71 years of age, Binh is often said to try to the life of his kids and grandkids. Above all, he is very well connected to all his family members.

Binh Ho’s Wife Hue Ho

Hue Ho is the loving wife of businessman Binh Ho who stood strong with Binh during all his years of hardship when they first moved to the US. Hue Ho is five years younger than her husband. She is currently 66 years of age in 2020.

While Binh believes his children should try to obey him at all costs and live intact to their traditions and values. At the same time, his wife, Hue Ho tries his children to live a life full of love and happiness. She believes, if one lacks peace at home then they can never have peace at anything, marriage event. 

Binh Ho and Hue Ho’s Child Washington Ho

Washington Ho is the secondborn child of the Ho family. He is currently 38 years of age. As per sources, he is a former playboy of the Ho family. But, he is now settled for good. He is a complete family man now. He appears to be in the real estate business. 

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He is married to his lovely wife Lesley Ho. The couple shares two children together namely, Roosevelt Ho and Linclon Ho. His wife Lesley is from Oklahoma, the US. The couple is raising their kids as Christian. His wife, Lesley holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy. She graduated in 2013.

Judy Ho

Judy Ho is the firstborn child of Binh Ho. Unlike her younger brother Washington, Judy Ho is quite private about her personal belongings. She has three children with her husband and is currently going through a divorce. There is not much about Judy Ho on the media outlets. 

The other members of the Ho family are Aunt Tina, 58, and Cousin Sammy.


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